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May 18, 2003
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west midlands

I have recently completed a Creative four day foundation course, in L & P and a conversion course in Fabric#.

I have 14 yrs customer service experience and at present work in a Contact Centre for the Telecommunications Industry. My ambition is to do nails full time.

I am very enthusiastic, but I am finding it difficult to get the experience I require, to follow my dream. Can anyone out there come up with any suggestions as to how I can obtain work experience now that I have the training (but not mobile)
I live in the Walsall, West Midlands area.

Fingers crossed, someone can offer help and advice

Hi Katie,

When I first started and needed practise I used my ever patient nail trainer - she's a bit boring coz she don't talk back though.

I had to do about 60 sets on the trainer to get my cert and before I let loose on a real person so I did my mom, aunts, friends (even the boyfriend) on the basis that if they let me do one set for training they would commit to paying for maintenance etc <b>if </b>they loved their new nails (and they did!).

I know some people will poo poo this but I started on clients after only having done about 10 sets on real people and I must have been OK coz my clients came back :)

If you feel ready for clients and wanted to just work say a few evenings a week or a Saturday you could try approaching a hair salon (who doesn't double as a beauty salon) and asking if you could rent some desk space - a lot of small salons are run by very friendly and approachable folk who will also advertise your services for you. One girl I know gets free desk space as long as she gets her hair cut there and recommends the hair salon to her other clients.

Hope this helps


thanks for the reply, i did try a local salon but after 3 weeks her hubby felt a sun bed would be more profitable, so i'm back to square one


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