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Mar 25, 2003
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Hi there,

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep my permanent white French tips white?

I'm using NSI Odourless Acrylic (would love to use Creative, but haven't done my training yet) with their French Fin tip and a top coat of Therma Shield. I find that after a few days the tips start to go grey at the very top and down one side and no amount of filing will get rid of it. It seems to have been absorbed into the acrylic. :(

I guess it's coz I do a lot of typing in my day job. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem and if they've found a solution.

Karen said:
Hi there,

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep my permanent white French tips white?


There are a few products out there which will block out the UV rays from the sun etc. and keep the white a really bright white. Most of them have a purpleish tinge and they make the whites glow in the night club (not that I do much clubbing now lol)

The one I use is called Total Eclipse which has less of a purple tinge. It is available from Designer Nails. Nails Plus Beauty also do one called UV enhancer.
As Fiona said, a purple clear coat will help neutralize some of the yellowing... Or another UV absorbing top coat.

I’m not overly familiar with the product your using... but it is sadly a general downside to using odorless L&P systems.
You have to 'give up' something to get the lack of odor... that’s usually seen in loss of colour stability and quicker symptoms of aging.
It won’t be a matter of your typing... that would contribute to stress and fractures... not discolourization.

Have you tried phoning their tek support?
Does it happen after every application?
Does it happen on everyone?
Are you exposing yourself to an abnormal amount of UV (i.e. tanning)
Have you checked your brush? i.e. have you used it with another system?
I use NSI Odorless L&P and I had simular problems. What I found works is Beauty makers UV top coat and Hakens Uv top coat both stop the yellowing and dicolorization of the white tips. I apply 2 coats and also make sure to apply the uv topcoat to the free edge of the extension. Hope this helps.
Thank you Mr Geek, Fiona and Trina,

I hadn't noticed before, but I have it on all but two nails on my right hand. Don't know what I could be doing differently with those two nails!?

I think I'll take my nails off and put a new set on at the weekend and try using a UV shield all over the nail including the free edge.

If that doesn't work I may think about changing the type of liquid and powder.

Thanks again for your replies,

Karenx :D
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