Caviar nails


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Sep 26, 2011
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I have my stuff on order so haven't actually done any yet, but wondered for those who have if they could share pics or tips that would be fab :)
I did some on my SIS Friday .tried a few ways to see what was best .
I was told to dip the finger in but I found it easyer to sprinkle on .hth

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I can't add a pic it says administration blocked any idea why anyone .
Ps I add a bit of glaze n go on top to seal and if you get good balls it doesn't lose colour either .

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Can I ask what caviar nails are? X
Google it or You tube will give you show how micro balls on top of nails stunning don't know how practical they would be Hollie, Ciate nails are original ones , I have just ordered last night can't wait to try out as I'm not having any luck with OPI gel xxxx
I think they would just come straight off,has anyone tried a full set to advise on how long they last?xx
I was thinking just ring finger:D definitely for a lady of leisure:p
Hia I did these on myself on Friday to check how long they lasted etc.
I used shellac base, cure, one layer of cream puff, cured, top coat then dipped fingers into caviar balls and cured, then another layer of topcoat over the top and cured - used quite a lot of top coat as it fell between the gaps.
I have lost half a nail on right hand today - the piece that came off was still quite flexible so think the top coat may have been too thick.
Have only lost a few individual balls though so think they are pretty secure.
Hope that helps :biggrin:


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Just ordered my caviar beads today. I was thinking of advertising this as something you'd have for a night out or special one off occasion. I dont think it would be practical for someone to wear all day every day. Going to try it out first on ring fingers and see how it goes. thanks for the tip tamii on how to apply it using shellac.
The look like those sweeties jazzies on your fingers lol.
Look awesome though id be worried how long they would last x
Did you top coat them? Xx
I had a go at these :) loved it!!! was so much fun :) xx


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I tried but failed :( tried to set them into gelish but after I cured they all just rubbed off


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I had a go at these :) loved it!!! was so much fun :) xx

how long did your canviar mani last, Glamourous? how did you set them on your nail?

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