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May 27, 2008
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I'm a skin geek but looking for some advice from hair geeks

I'm thinking about getting chemical hair straightening and was wondering about the pro's and con's of getting this done

I have quite straight hair anyway but I've been finding it very frizzy since having my 2nd child its also falling out a lot so i'm not sure if this would be the right time to get it done. My son is 6 months now. I'm having to straighten my hair a few times a day now. Its just getting that frizzy, i think our damp weather isn't helping either

Any advice would be great
I would not reccomend having a chemical treatment! The strength of those products is for curly hair, and it will break the bonds down, which in itself can be very damaging. It requires root touch ups, and takes alot out of your hair.

The service you want is a brazilian keratin treatment. Non chemical, it is a heat infused keratin boost that can last up to five months. It dramatically improves the look and feel of the hair without breaking any bonds, and makes the hair super shiny, & manageable. The more Damage you hair has, the better the result is.
Look into it, theres tons of reading:)
I totally agree, brazilian keratin straightening all the way, chemical straightening is horrendous and causes severe damage, the keratin treatment not only straightens but repairs damage too and the lack of need for straighteners after is even better xx that's what my stylist was doing to this regular customer. This lady comes in every several weeks to get keratin treatment done and they use straighteners on her. Sorry if this is slightly off topic.. but does your hair turn into jelly if you use too much protein/keratin treatment in your hair? ..I remember someone talking about it before.
Not at all! Iy is the exact opposite actually. Hair is made of keratin, so resupplying the strands only strengthens them.
If this treatment is being done every few weeks, I would question the quality of the product. It is meant to last for a few months, not weeks. For the sake of the cost ( we charge 200-400) I would be requesting that the stylist bring in a stronger formulation, as it soulnds like your friend isnt getting much bang for her buck.....and at that price, you want 100% satisfaction!

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