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May 4, 2004
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Hi everyone,

just wondering if anyone can help me.

Have a client who had a chevron french in gel this week. Just wondering on some tips to do a chevron french? have done it a few times but they never turn out that great!

I see from your profile that you use Bio Sculpture Gel.

The best way is to apply two thin coats of white, capping the free edge in the usual way.

I find that it helps if you gently roll the finger as you work from right to left or left to right as you begin to apply your chevrons too.

If you have a nail trainer or some tips to practice on in the meantime, give it a go.

Good luck.
I find, to get a good chevron line, i use a thin brush and use it like a striper to go from the sidewall to the tip at the free edge for one diagonal, then repeat for the other side, so you end up with a white cross on the nail tip. then you use these as a guide to fill in with your white for the chevron.

Does that make sense??
Also, using the flat edge of your brush, wipe 'behind' the lines, this should make a nice neat edge / line to the chevron! :)
chevrons are difficult cos you are trying to do a straight edge on something that is curved.

With practise it does get easier...i have a few clients who have this and i used to dread it.

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