CHI by salon systems


Please can someone give me a bit of feedback of the CHI range. What is the exfoliator like is it too gentle, or rough, r they granules or bicarbsoda based. What does the CHI range smell like is the smell natural or too sweet, is the toner non alcoholic, what are the ingredients for example for the cleanser?

Thanx *shirley*


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Ive used the chi range in the past, and found it very basic, but a good starting point for somebody just staring out in facials and not wanting to pay out a heap of money...i think the full starter kit is around £60. Its very natural smelling, and also unisex. The exfoliator is a very gentle grit, even i could use it, and i am super sensitive! Cant tell you whats in the products thouh, sorry, as i have moved up to a more expensive range now i have more regular facial clients. HTHs:hug:


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The exfoliator is very gentle yes. Sorry i dont have the cleanser to give you the ingredients, as my wholesalers are out of stock at the moment.

Have you tried the Salon System website or phoning them? Im sure they can tell you over the phone, send you out a leaflet on the CHI range probably too.