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Aug 15, 2010
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New salon opened & their offering full set China White Tips £26,what are they?

Have to say my heart sank :cry:when I saw them open,4 nail desks + 1 spa pedicure chair[which I could never afford],all Chinese staff,[so they certainly won't employ me].This is right next to my hairdressers who has already said would rent me a space, how on earth am I going to get any clients,we are only a small village. Their P&W £35, as I may end up being home based I was going to charge £25 [seen same price for mobile tecs in my area].Do I keep my price low or increase? I'm learning to sculpt,so would this mean I could charge the higher price?.
Hun stand by your guns, they could be a NSS in which case you will be needed to sort out issues that are created with their nails.
China white is just the name that they are calling their product, I am not sure that there is actually any product called that I may be wrong.
Many of these salons call their products something else, IE porcelain, crystal etc etc.
We have 6 of these places now open here in Peterborough with 5 of them being the the town center, I am busier than ever becasue of their unsafe and unhygienic practises, Unfortunately until the general public are properly educated there is nothing we can do about these places.
Just ensure that you follow all the correct helath and safety guidlines and are good at what you do you wont have a problem.
Look at it as a bonus not a problem.
Jen xxx
one has just opened across the road to our second shop............oh joy!

Anyway i have picked up the gauntlet and am happily going to go head to head with them...

I KNOW i do a great safe clean job and so am going to shout it from the roof tops.
sit down and have a think, why would you come you? what is your unique selling point?

What can YOU do better than anyone else? You need to set yourself apart and shout it from the highest building too.

I visited the new shop, saw them at work and frankly it reassured me. Their prices are higher than mine to start with, their standard of cleanliness is not up to my standard to second , I have private pedicure areas, and i dont use drills (which for some people who have had a drill used incorrectly on them in the past , that is a plus to come to me too (but I am not saying they were using the drills incorrectly).

I didnt see any offer of refreshments, (another bonus) and there was no chatting. again one more plus to me, I am more than happy to converse with my client if they want to.

Lastly, there is my work guarentee . they dont have one.

I can also 100% offer no MMA used in my salons (again I am not saying they do). so these are just a few offers I can do and tell people about.

Dont get scared, get in the ring girl and get your boxing gloves on. Its called competetion and you should never be frightened of it.
In fact its really good for your business as you will really get your thinking head on and am sure you'll succeed.


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