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Nov 28, 2003
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Folkestone, Kent
Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me if you have to blend in clear tips. I want to start using them and have a sample of creative ones and when I applied one and blended it in (on myself) it went all cloudy. Also has anyone used the glittery acrylic powders and if so are they easy to use. Was thinking of ordering the mosiac creative powders and using this with the clear tips. Some of my clients I feel are in need of a change and I would like to be able to offer this technique.

Just like to say how brilliant this site is and I have learnt so much from everybody!!

Any advice on this one would be much appreciated.


Heather X
They will go "cloudy" but that is because you have just scratched it but most tips will be still totally clear when the powder goes on it. I use clear tips from Lady Kalayna, which are great, crystal clear and great value. You can get then from

And use Creative clear powders over them and they are still clear.

I also use Ezflow's Boogy nights Glitter Powders and they are great
Thanks for that, very helpful

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