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Feb 1, 2007
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Hi Geeks

I would like some advise on this.

On each new client I fill in there CCF, which has name, addy, tele, whether they are diabetic ect, If they have had enhancements before, Which I get the client to fill in with me and then get them to sign, Then I have cards that I put there treatment down on.

The question that I would like someone to help with is. As I am reporting on my cards what treatment I am doing, which is a record for me, do I have still get them to fill in a new CCF on each treatment and sign.

I hope this make sence.

No they only need to fill in the CCF once and then sign everytime they have the treatments done! hth's xx
thanks this help me as one of my clients has a manicure for a couple of months and then she will have F/S gel.
Where do you get your record cards from?
Hyperion sell the Creative client Record Cards.

I have to say I never made my clients sign a form every time they had a treatment.!! eh?

They had the initial consultation which they signed at the first treatment, and then I kept on the back a record of all treatments, relevant comments, purchases etc. I didn't make the client sign every time though.
Hi, thanks for the reply, I have a standard A4 CCF that I done in words, which the clinet signs on there 1st appointment, and then I got some plain record cards & a box from WHSmiths and staple to A4 CCF to there card.

Do you think that this is ok?
Ive got the Creative cards and on every line where you log the treatment etc, there is a space at the end for clients signature, so all my clients sign it once treatment is finished and theyve commented on the treatment!

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