Client wants lighter than my light spray tan


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Feb 26, 2010
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Sunderland - North East
Client has just rang asking for a spray tan slightly lighter then her last one,just checked her card and it was the light I can't go any lighter....this is possibly the most stupid question been asked on here but will I just turn my gun down slightly?

Thanks xx
Turning your gun down wont make a difference, what you could do is ask your client to shower the guide colour off earlier than what she normally would. Possibly half the development time. This should help the tan come out lighter.
Hope that helps.
Trinitia xxx
Aw excellent thanks very much xx
Call your supplier and see what they suggest, some solutions can be diluted with water for a less intense color but its best you ask the supplier if it is possible with the solution you use. Otherwise buy in a trial size of a lighter solution, I have seen 5% before, there are probably a variety out there by now.
I agree with Trinitia, the gun setting wont make a difference and washing off sooner would probably help but then again some solutions still go as dark as usual but just dont last as long if you wash off sooner. You could try the express ones and wash off after half hour but will she remember to wash it off in time? In my experience, customers dont always remember and then blame you after. You cant exactly prove when she washed it off can you

Good luck

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