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May 2, 2006
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I've only just found out that my new client tomorrow morning has MS. She wants a new set and has had enhancements in the past. From what I can gather from her friend she is in the early stages.

Any idea if there are any contraindications with this disease? Obviously I will have a chat with her when I get there, but would like to be a bit informed before I get there.

i have a long standing client with advanced m.s and she has been regular as clockwork for all her maintenance appts for the past 2 and a half years.

there shouldnt be any problems the biggest problem is if the hands have any disabilities at all, the fingers cant straighten out etc, which is what my client has so it is difficult regarding application, and also wheelchair bound.
If your prep is second to non then you should not have anyprobs at all, the only probs would be from maybe medication.....but you should be fine as long as your client is willing to be fortightly for her maintenance and no longer
I do also have a client with MS. I've had her for 6 years with it's ups and downs. Just be aware that some of the medicines can effect how the enhancement adhere. A year ago she suddenly got huge problems with the gel lifting. Four months ago it suddenly disappeared when she changed her medicines.

I have a client with M.S. also.
I've never had a problem in the past 5 years or so. I asked her when she first sat in my chair if she had any problems with tenderness or thing I do in my normal process I should change for her. She said her doctor thought it was a great idea, it would give her something nice to do for herself. To make her feel good.
We were so comfortable working together, we joked around about the M.S. !
She said it made her feel "normal" because everyone would pussyfoot around the subject of her health. I just went in with both feet and she appreciated it.
Good luck and don't worry,
I have a long standing client with MS, we havent encountered any problems. She has no control over her left hand so that can make polishing difficult as I have to totally support that hand with mine, but that is all.
I have a client with MS also....she has regular monthly problems with her nails, been with me for 2 years now.
There are atleast two different types of MS - progressive and remitting relapsing. (My dad has progressive). RR does just that, you are ok and then suddenly it gets really bad and then better again. Whereas Progressive gets worse as time goes on - my dad has no feeling in his legs, hands, feet, arms. Plus sometimes they can get really bad pains - he said that sometimes he feels 100s of sharp knives being put into his thigh ).
When I was training my dad let me practice painting on his nails (lol!) but i had to be careful because he can't feel things so you could hurt/cut them and not realise (does that make sense???).
Just make sure they are not in any pain the way they are sitting.
Thanks girls. :hug: My big worry is hurting her but you've put my mind at rest. Good grief, I've no idea what I'd do without you lot!:hug::hug:

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