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Feb 16, 2004
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Hi Guys,

Just finished a client this morning - well say finished, more like patched up!!

i do gel with tips and this particular lady likes the look but not the looking after - familiar to you all i'm sure, so she comes in with stick on false nails on, which i'm thinking is a bit strange and we start chatting and she said that she managed to damage most of her nails whilst drunk on the rodeo bull in the local nightclub, okay i'm thinking, so she goes on to explain that she had seen me buff the gel off and that she was going to do her own, only, wait for it, she hadn't got a nail file so she used the sandpaper off the black and decker!!!!! Honestly, i was speechless! (and boy is that something!), so i start trying to take her stick on ones off and they wouldn't budge, so i ask her what glue she used and she said that the glue that comes with them is rubbish so she used superglue!!! by now i was ready to cry, any way ages later after i got them off and buffed the glue remenants off she had managed to take off most of her nails with the black and decker sandpaper - so much so the nailbed underneath was red raw and there was no way i could put tips on, let alone gel. So i gave her a manicure and told her to come back when the skin had healed.

Any other horror client stories out there?

hugs to you all

Ps Sorry Mr Geek if i've put this in the wrong bit - just so flustered with it and wanted to get it off my chest.
Just to let you know you're not the only one - I had a call from a lady this morning who wanted us to apply whole plastic tips (like those you can buy in Boots) for a wedding so she could remove afterward. After I had explained why we do not offer this service and suggested a proper set of acrylic that could be soaked off, etc. she said that she would NEVER have that done as a few years ago she had a set applied and ALL of her nails turned 'green' and her own nails were a disgrace for a year afterward. I spent a long time explaining about bad techniques and poorly trained techs and what we would do to ensure that would never happen in our salon as long as she followed the correct procedures but she would have none of it.....I get so frustrated about the lack of knowledge out there in the field and the harm that some nail techs do to our industry!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why don't clients use the brain God gave them and think a little bit??

Surely they must realize that not everyone who has nail enhancement has these problems or the industry would not be 25 years old and thriving, nor would the service be so popular. Every time you open a magazine, the celebs are wearing nail enhancements. Do they think they would be doing this if all their nails turned green? Please.

As for stick ons. In my opinion there should be a 'health warning' on the package. "Do not wear for more than 24 hours"

Can they have any idea of how 'filthy' and unsanitary those things are? Ever seen the gunge that is under them when you remove them from a long- term wearer, never mind the damage to the nailplate? Ugh!
I used to work with a girl that used the 'stick on nails' with superglue too.
She used to like to brag to all who'd listen about how her 'nails' cost pence as opposed to the pounds that I charged.
We worked outside with animals in true Brit. weather conditions.
I once got a glimpse of what was under those nails when she lost one.
All I can say is that it put me off my lunch & its a pity I didnt have my camera back then!
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