Closing appointment book for evenings and Saturdays?


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Karen Minx

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Jun 18, 2008
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Has anyone had to close there book for evening and Saturday appointments for new clients if so how did it go down? Is it a good/bad idea and how to word it without sounding rude or upsetting clients?

I'm finding myself far too busy at the moment being booked 4 weeks in advance and new clients still enquiring for appointments but everyone seems to want evenings and weekends. Even when I tell new clients I haven't got any appointments for several weeks they are then happy to wait taking an evening or Saturday appointment which only leads to me having to stay on even later to be able to fit one of my regular Saturday or evening clients in who didn't book that far in advance, or they have to go longer for their nail appointment because I can't fit them in. There is only so far they can go with their nails before they need doing and I'm worried I will loose some of my regular clients who have been coming to me for the past 4 years. Most if my regulars do book several in advance but there are some who cannot has they are unsure what they will have on then.
I have even considered changing my opening times only advertising 9.30 - 5pm and just staying on only for the regulars who normally have evening and weekends and going home early if the day/eve doesn't get fully booked but when a client is there looking over your book with you it is difficult.
I'm not sure what would be best route to take but I need to do something :( I even had a dream the other night that I couldn't fit a dear regular in at all! Lol
I would try not to stop taking new clients, because you never know what's around the corner! Being so busy is a lovely problem to have, although it's as difficult a problem as not having enough clients.

I would let your most loyal, regular customers know about what's happening, and recommend they stay a couple of appointments ahead of themselves if possible. This helps prevent them losing out, and makes you look even better and more organised for letting them know. They'll appreciate the heads up, and become even more loyal- win/win!!

And remember to try and give yourself some rest time- it's great being busy but you need to be at your best! Good to know that people are being so successful in our industry!
It's your book. Close it when you want.

I feel awkward when clients can see an appointment book because they see a gap and assume it could be for them. Keep this out of view if possible (I used to turn our monitor round when working in a spa with demanding clients).
I would take it as a first come first serve basis and set regular working hours. The regulars will soon get the message that they should book ahead. Keep a waiting list for each day and if you get a cancellation, offer it out.

I know it's awful when you can't fit a regular in but you'll end up killing yourself.

I would have a little notice in a nice frame on your nail desk saying something like:-

To all of my lovely clients
Please feel free to book ahead for your next three appointments. I'm getting so many new clients that it's sometimes difficult to fit my regulars in and I really value your loyalty, so I don't want to disappoint you.
why not state "due to the extra time and effort I believe every new client deserves, I book new clients only monday - friday (state hours)". This is because I believe consultation based on what you want, need and i can offer. I believe personalization to each client is extremely important. Once established, I am happy to be able to move you to an evening or weekend if the slot is available."

This way you can decide what an 'established' client is, if they are able to flex into your time, or simply you are too booked to accommodate them
Can some of your regulars not come during the day any earlier? We have this problem they seem to juat like coming evenings as it leaves them free all day. Whixh is then hard for those who work all week and can only do eveenings and weekends. Try to get the ones you know are off all day to come then. Dont let them state a time tell them.when you're free and if they want you that badly they will sacrifice their shopping time or coffee with the girls for you.
Also keep a cancellation list this works well for us.

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I don't really believe in discounts especially when you are so busy, but I'm sure that I read on here that someone offers "book your next three appointments and receive a 10% discount" (or similar) which I thought at the time was a great idea. The rules must include that they cannot change the booking without losing the reward otherwise it wont work. You would have to adapt it to what you think would work, you could offer a free small treatment such as an eyebrow tint or similar.
You could also offer a discount for all new clients "mornings only", "Tuesdays" or whenever you want to fill your books.
Im in exactly the same position. EVERYONE wznts after 5pm ir a saturday! Soooo frustrating when its onky you snd regulars cant get in for 3wks!:mad:

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The chain of hairdressers rush do book your next appointment before you leave to get 10% off that booking. Doesn't include cancellations or reschedules. I thought this was a good idea.
I do this, and have been for a before they leave to return within 1 month and get 10% off. But if they cancel or reschedule for after this date they lose the discount. Works well for us! :Love:
Thanks for you replies :)

I don't need to discount daytime bookings has they are full too! I don't have a free appointment for 4 weeks, although when I do get appointments to fill they are usually daytime ones but it would be silly to discount a daytime appointment which is a few weeks away. My evening and Saturday clients DO all work during the day that is why they come evenings and Saturdays.
I will defo take Kim's and WilsonBarberCo's advise regarding advising to book ahead and put the note on my desk :)
My worry is that taking on a new evening/Saturday client will result in one of my regulars not getting in or I'm unable to fit the new client in when she needs a second visit.
Maybe it's time to take someone on to help you out. Is this a possibility?
No the salon is too small besides I've just moved salons to be on my own! Lol x
Well, huge congratulations for being such a good therapist and business person, being fully booked like this would be a dream for many of us.
Nothing else that I can think of to advise x
Im exactly the same, but I say now that only taking on day customers.

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I just book all my regulars through the book at their regular time. I havent done new clients for ages, dont need to. Dont take on more staff cos your clients still want you no one else thats why your so busy. I used to run myself ragged trying to please everyone but now i just book in people i like and that turn up on the right day at the right time. Look after your clients and they will stay with you forever. x
I'd just be honest with any new clients and say there are only mon- fri days ... no eve / apts, but put them on a list if any of your regulars drops their apts,


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well done girl sounds fab like you are doing amazing.

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