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Jumping in a bit here but I don't really know what to do with additives? I see everyone write about endless possibilities but all I can think of is ombré, snakeskin and dots.

I only use them with shellac so no mixing with l&p or gel which I know limits me but what else is there?

You can use the outline stickers you get in craft shops to create all kinds if patterns etc. for me tho the ombres and the fact they give you so many new colours and effects is the main thing. I also use them to mix little bits of colours for nail art if I need a different shade of something x
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This is Emerald Mirage over Iced Cappuccino xx

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OH............MY..............GOD!!!!! I need this on my nails like NOW!!!! as soon as i'm done for the day, that's what i'm doing :Love:

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