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May 1, 2012
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Hi everyone,
Very new to this site so don't really know where to begin!
I am currently training with Essential Nails, however, I don't think the way the course is taught is right for me.
I would like to train with CND and am thinking of doing their Complete Course but it is very expensive.
Has anyone done this course? If so, could you advise me if this is the way to go?

There is already a thread going on this: - take a look.

We also have a CND Complete group: - keep your eye on it.

As a personal expense, it's expensive, for a business investment it's cheap as chips!

You'll get the arguably best training and be able to use extremely high-end products. Someone has done an estimate that the kit is worth over £800. How's that for value for money.

Oh and you also get an internationally recognised qualification (ITEC).
I haven't done the course but I looked into it it's £2000+vat you do get all your kit tho so if you took the price of the kits off the course itself isn't really expensive hth
Thankyou both so much!

I will have a look at the threads

Thankyou both so much!

I will have a look at the threads



If your serious about nails its the way to go (in my opinion)

Im getting to play with some colors tomorrow then Wed im doing shellac - sooooo excited :)
Sounds great!
I thought about it all night and have decided to go for the complete course.
It is an investment in my business and the topics covered look amazing.
Thankyou babe xxx
There is a group on here for those attending CND Complete courses where the girls swap information and discuss the class in general. You have to ask to join this group as it is a closed group but once you have registered to take the course, it is a great help to those who attend.

Go to groups and then click on Creative Complete Course Geeks

You could not make a better investment in your future than by doing this course .... at CND we do not just give classes .. we build successful careers.
Thanks Gigi, Once I've booked my course this week I will ask to join.
Many thanks for your advice!
Hi shazbaby - if you send me a PM once you've booked your course I'll arrange an invitation to the group for you. :D

(Same goes for anyone else reading this.)

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