CND effects over Shellac


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Mar 5, 2009
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have just had a thought, so thought I would pass this by all you pro's on here.

If I was to use shellac, could I apply the new cnd effects over the top, thought that this might chnage the colour and give some people a bit of sparkle for those that love sparkle like me.

If I can do this, do I add this before the topcoat or after. If after would that not dull down the topcoat, but also defeats the odject of the out the door without a smudge dont you think. Or would the effects topcoat dry really quick.

Any help would be appreciated. THanks
Why not try your own effects,,,shellac romantique over fedora,,,romantique over strwb smoothie with glitter added into topcoat,,,looks fab xx
You can use the Effects over Shellac and I have done quite often. You would do it after the Shellac topcoat.

The Effects do dry really quickly. The Effects are not really a topcoat as such, I always put Super Shiney on top of the Effects.

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