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Jun 18, 2013
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How gorgeous is this one? I want it but don't really want the Frosted Glen that it comes with!!

Is it worth getting the additive and other colour just to get Ice Vapor?

Lee-Ann x
I'm gonna have to say....YES!! I wasn't to fussed about Frosted Glen until I actually used it on a client. Love it now.

Ice Vapor is very popular at the moment, over any colour going.

Don't think you'll be disappointed xx

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That's what I thought!! My b/f is buying it for me as I wanted it badly after seeing it in it's own as well as with other colours but I know you can't get it on it's own :-(

I guess the green might be used this time of year as well as the reds, thanks for your opinion xx
I have to say yes too!!! Frosted Glenn is gorgeous when you actually see and use it... I did it for a client and dodo a colour fade using a mixture of Icicles Additive and Sea Glass Glitter...Also when burnished with Blush Bronze Frost it's the most gorgeous nude shade xxx
Ice Vapor is my FAVOURITE colour. It's a must! x
Wow, that really is beautiful x
Dont be put off by Frosted Glen being a "green" its such a beautiful colour and looks amazing with Ice Vapor - they are perfect partners.

I thought the exact same thing, wanted the iced vapor but not the frosted Glenn! In the end I had to have it - the day I bought them a client fell in love with & had frosted Glenn applied -

That's frosted Glenn with titanium Pearl additive & nail art! Love it! ;)
Is ice vapour limited edition like Ruby ritz? I'm going to be so cross if it is.... everyone loves it and it's just ridiculous bringing out colours that are that gorgeous limited edition! I do love frosted Glenn but my clients aren't great fans so I don't want to have to buy loads of those bottles too :/ x

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:cry: Afraid so Pinkbunny, its limited.

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Frosted Glen is really lovely on. Im wearing it atm with additive. Had so many compliments too!

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Hmph. Well if I do get another bottle one of yous can buy it off me...x

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I would love to know why it is limited edition too and why you can't get it again after Xmas is over :-(

I saw it on someone a couple of months ago and I fell in love with it x

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