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Mar 4, 2004
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Hi wondering if anyone can help me please, when I do my own acrylics I find they are fine up to about 10 days and then I start losing them :( I can't figure it out. It's happened with the last few sets I've done on myself? Any advice would be much appreciated thank you
How do you lose them?

Do you get lifting, if so, where, cuticle area or sidewalls.
Does the whole nail come clean off.
Do you sculpt or are they tip and overlay?

Are you using CND Retention+ with perfect powders or the Retention+ powders?

As this is your own nails, is it your right or left hand it happens on.
I always tended to get a bit of lifting on the sidewalls on my right hand because I have applied and filed it with my left hand (I am right handed)
It's usually my left hand but can be either hand. I'm using tip and overlay as my nails are short. I also use retention and perfect color powders, I do get lifting at the sidewalks then the whole thing pings off x

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