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May 18, 2010
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I'm looking at buying some polishes from CND, and was wondering how many of you use them, if not which brand do you use?

If you do use them, what are your favourite colours/clients favourites? I'm not including Shellac in this as I'm not able to buy it for a while. :o
I love the new CND polishes. I basically bought all of the Effects and about 20 colours.

My clients and I just love coming up with different combinations. I did a client last week and she chose Blackjack and then 10 different effects which we did on half of each of her nails - most were amazing, but some much more amazing than others.

You will know your clients and what sorts of colours they will like.
i do and love them.

I brought about 10 effects then 2 reds, 2 pinks, white, nude(french) then a nearly black and a coral to start

I then added a couple each time i placed and order.
Thye have some lovely colours, I know I will choose what I want as well as the clients! Nothing wrong with me using them too... all about selling the product lol ;)
ooh they are gorgeous. I have raspberry parfait, dark ruby, smoochie, eclectic purple, wildfire, gold, copper, strawberry smoothie (vintage)

all fab colours, and i have 4 effects but plan to get more. They are spectacular on dark colours like blackjack and Dark ruby :)

you can get some collections on S2 with colours and effects together, i have the bold one x
The effects sound great. I ordered a couple of the vintage polishes today, can't remember which ones, but I'll probably end up ordering more next time I reorder bits and pieces. Can't wait to try them.

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