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Jan 27, 2007
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I haven't posted for ages, sorry, but was wondering if anyone has or can point me in the direction of photographs of what the CND Charcoal Shimmer and Iridescent Glitter powders look like on a nail please?

Thank you
I'm afraid I do not have any pix of them, the charcoal looks like a shimmery black and the other a shimmery white HTH
Not the best pic but I done these on myself the other day, I put the irridesent glitter all over.

And the top part is the charcoal that Fee from Fingertips put on me a few weeks ago! With black and the irridesent all over it

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Brilliant! Thanf you so much that's just what I needed.
Hi guys, please help!!!

Iv got loadsa clients asking for glitter tips, im trying everything but im self employed and have noone to ask for advice! I brought the CND silver shimmer and used it last night for the tips then pink for the rest of the nail, when i buffed it it looked a bit grey and my clients just called saying it looks dull. Should i of mixed it do you think??

Thankyou millions, Emma xxx
For those in the US or UK, I add this to UV Gel and/or Acrylic.
It TOTALLY rocks! NEVER seen anything 'finer' or smaller

Shimmer Powder # 5 Opal : Nailite

Photographs don't do it justice, but here goes

This Santa-Hat French has a HEAVY dose of it in the 'clear':

This French has it added to the white. In 'real life", it looks EXACTLY like snow!:

hth's too.

Never enough kinds of glitters and shimmers.
I have actually used "city of lights' Red and want to get my hands on some more of THAT. It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!