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Nov 13, 2015
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Hi all. I am looking at starting my cnd training for beginners course very soon. It says that the equipment is included in the price of the course but doesn't say what is included. Can anyone who has trained with sweet squared tell me what equipment is included when you do the course....cnd lamp etc?

Thanks xx
Is it the shellac course or l&p/gel that your booked onto ? X
It's the beginners shellac course. Just waiting on a date for the course x
Ok so I passed in July and unless it's changed you get:

Lamp (UV - the LED is an additional cost)
4 colours (wildfire, fedora, creme puff & negligee)
Topcoat & base coat
Metal cuticle pusher
Orange wood sticks
Lint free guage pads
White roll
Pack of remover pads (mine were the old style you may get foil ones)
Cool blue
Cuticle away
Scrub fresh

Some of the pep products are full size some are not but it's enough to get you going :) good luck, you'll love it, it's so much fun xx
I got the same apart from the colours - wildfire, cream puff, romantique, tropix. I also got nourishing remover. X
Oh yea and remover :) xx
Do you know how much it was to upgrade to led lamp?
Do you know how much it was to upgrade to led lamp?

Roughly £99 if I remember rightly. Your training provider will advise you though if you give them a call.

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