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Oct 12, 2005
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I have been thinking for a while about adding a collagen eye treatment as a stand alone treatment in the salon and want to look further into this at GMex.

Are there any companies that you use whereby you can buy collagen eye patches separately rather than as an addition to a skin care package? If so who do you use. (Prices would be great but only via PM please as trade prices shouldn't be put on the site). I know HOF do a collagen face sheet, so know about that one already.

Also, did you try a few before you decided or do you use one from your skincare supplier.

I am using Susan Molyneux Renu at the moment and I know you can get collagen eye patches from them but I would have to open a Monu account and don't want to go down that road at the moment (cost is an issue here).

Any help greatfully appreciated.

You may already know if your using Susan Molyneux, but they sell collagen eye patches separately, which you can retail too.

Hope this helps

Bio Ultimate Gold by Belle Sante do some fab collagen masks,I dont know if you have to have whole package as we use their machine we retail lots of their products,but it might be worthwhile you asking.HTH

You may already know if your using Susan Molyneux, but they sell collagen eye patches separately, which you can retail too.

Hope this helps


Thanks Liz, I didn't know that. I was under the impression they came under the Monu umberella.

Thanks Babs, will look at that too.
alright, I am going to hijack this for a quick question..

What are collagen eye patches and what do they do?

I have asked on here ( i think) and other forums about how to get more collagen into my skin and every one says you can't.
ellisons do them, theyre great,

colllagen eye patches reduce puffiness, dark circles and ine lines around your eyes. Im guessing they push collagen into the skin.
Thank you Kate` you taking the time to answer is greatly appreciated!
not a problem! :)

i really think they r fab. help reduce the darkness under my eyes really well, and reduce my squinty lines from not wearing sunglasses!!!

I also use ellisons colagen face masks. i think they are al very much the same just repackaged to be honest. ive seen a few that are IDENTICAL even calle the same, just a diff brand name.
So Collagen does help with the dark circles...I thought it was just due to dehyration and lack of sleep. ;)
Know about those squinty eye wrinkles. I get mine from trying to read small print without my glasses.

Now would collegan also help with frown lines and other parts of the face?
The collagen patches i use have been good for my dark circles yes, but im unsure if this is one of the advertised effects or im just lucky. its helped my clients aswell. I think dark circles are caused by toxins and something to do with blood vessels?? (i think thats why haemmoroid cream gets rid of them!) You can help puffiness and dark circles by using a good eye cream or gel and doing a little lymphatic drainage. starting at the inner corner and gently stroking outwards.

ive seen good results just from applying collagen masks. but they are quite temporary, so even with daily use of anti ageing products once the collagen levels start to deplete and you get deeper lines and sagging skin then its hard (near on impossible i think) to reverse it, you can just help prevent any more happening.

thats why its important to start young. to prevent it.

As for 'expression' lines, they are there not becaus the skin is ageing so much, but because of the muscles under the skin pulling faces. I think that botox is the only way to help these. because it will stop you from pulling the expressions. Botox can also be used as a preventative measure.

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