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Apr 17, 2012
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Hope this is in the right place, if not sorry.

I found your forum while googling for advice, and wonder if I can get some independent advice here?

My daughter is soon to be finishing her NVQ level2 in Beauty and is now looking at options for next year, she has been offered the level 3 subject to getting the required 85% pass which we are assured will not be a problem. She is also looking at a holistic/alternate therapies style course instead.

Now when speaking to the college, they are happy to sell both courses but not really advise on the future, so what Im trying to find out what would be better employment/self employment wise? on speaking to my local spa within a hotel he says he only takes L3's but other spas within the same chain will take L2. And im guessing it would be the same elsewhere throughout the industry.

She will, once working be able to take extra courses for individual things, but needs to work to pay for them, so this being her last year of free education, I want to try and help her get it right.

Thanks for any help/advice.
Could she do both, if this is the last year of her training, I would more inclined to say l3 beauty, but it depends what she wants to do really, she might want to do more holistic therapies, but I know it's double the work but it would give her a great chance doing both courses xxx
It's nice to see a concerned mother! She's very lucky to have you looking out for her!

When I had my salon, I only looked for level 3 therapists. I've seen a lot of level 2 therapists do their first year, then give up and go out to work and do a few little courses on the side.

There's not reason why she can't do level 3 and then a few extra courses on the side. Level 3 is always more desirable as you learn so much more and employers in my experience, will look for that over just level 2.
Thank you both.

Unfortunately the two overlap, as while one course is doing theory/personal skills, the one tutor teaches a session on the other course, which is why we have the options.

I think ill suggest she stays with the level 3 then so at least she will have a fighting chance employment wise, and then as you say she can do other courses at night school.

Thanks again.

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