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Jan 13, 2016
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I'm working in a salon that's been recently taken over, the owner isn't a hairdresser so at the moment it's just me,

I've been dabbling with different brands of colour trying to find one that I like using, I used Wella whilst training but found their coverage to be a bit wishy washy - although by no means the worst I've tried. I've been using tigi a little bit but ordering and delivery has been awkward.

I was wondering if anyone could help advise a colour brand that's mid range in price as we're only a small salon and my boss doesn't want to splash out :( and one that offers good training / support so I can really get to grips with it and know the product potential inside out.

I've thought about trying majirel but not sure they do much in the way of training?

Any experience/reviews/advice will be much appreciated
L'Oreal is a reliable big brand with lots of product lines and training opportunities. (L'Oreal make Majirel)
I've heard a lot of good things about L'Oreal so I'm glad you've just reinforced that for me! I haven't used them much myself other than a luo colour on my own hair.

Do you know if the majirel colours are similar to their own brand if you know what I mean? I.e if I went and did l'oreal training I could apply that knowledge to the maji colours??

I'm not a L'Oreal expert so can't advise specifically but I just googled them and found a basic colour training Manual that might be useful for starters.

Definitely look out for some proper training though as I find you learn really useful hints & tips from the trainers who work with the products all the time.

I also love TiGi colour but I'm struggling to get hold of it here in Ireland as I'm mobile and not based in a salon. I'll probably look at L'Oreal too in the future as they seem to run regular training on it at my nearest wholesaler.
Wella is fantastic but another fantastic brand is Silky there the same price as wella but there 100ml tubes with 1:15 mix ratio
I have just changed from Loreal to Goldwell. If you order from them they offer in salon training. I'm loving the Colours I've used Loreal on my hair for last 5years and it always made me itch while developing. Used Goldwell two days ago on myself no itching fab coverage.

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