colour polish, french or natural


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Mar 13, 2004
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just wondered what is your prefered style for work........ do you wear natural nails, french or a colour?

at the moment i have 3 nails on each hand painted green and flowers under my acrylic on the other 2 fingers
Hi Star, i mainly have permanant french on mine, but ocassionally put stripes on my whites with flowers or dots on the natural bit. Depends on what mood i'm in. I do find when i apply any nail art to mine they get noticed alot more so a better advert.
Generally my nails are coloured with nail art - after all we are our best advertisements for our own work ;) but at the moment they are american manicure which i have to say i'm really impressed with coz its sooo natural but i still have to doll it up with a bit of design on the ring finger!!
Hello Star!
My nail are naturally very long and I allways wear Nail Art on them (good advertisement), at the moment they are french with stripes and gem stones on my ring finger... Never go out without nail polish...
I used to wear enhancemnets alot, but i got tired/to busy to keep them up. So now, I don't wear them unless someone else does them for me. In the meantime, I wear my natural nails short, squoval, and polished with a sheer french color. This works best for me, because this is what my clients wear as well.

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