Colour pops, clear or opaque?


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Mar 2, 2006
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What do people find are better for showing off colours of nail polish or gels to clients, the clear colourpops or the opaque ones?
I was wondering the same things and ordered both because i couldnt make up my mind lol

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I bought both but I think a natural nail isn't clear so ended up using the opaque ones they seemed to look ok :D
I've tried both and prefer the opaque ones, especially for the lighter and sheer shades.

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I can't decide either, I always need at least three coats with the clear ones and usually two with the opaque ones. I too was thinking the opaque ones as the natural nail is not clear,
I prefer clear ones as I can paint the gel polish on the underneath .

I then put a clear top coat on the top side . After time this dulls so easy to just pop another layer of clear over the top . Advantage of painting underneath is that the colour is protected from scratching ect
I like clear ones because you can pop them against your own nails and see the colour exactly as it's going to look on - particularly with the lighter ones :)

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