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nadine nasse

Dec 27, 2015
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Please could someone give me some advice, i want to put a toner on my blond high lights as they have become brassy. i was advised to use wella, so i have bought the toner but the wella developer i can't buy without ordering, and i really need to do it sooner. can anyone tell me if its ok to use any other developer so i dont have to wait for the wella one??

Many thanks Nadine
I have used 'non Wella' develpoers with Wella toners and it has worked fine
Thanks very much.
Thank you very much for all help
Thank you very much for all help
Hi, if the colour wasnt ashy enough using the first toner, can i use another without causing a hair colour problem?
Are you a licensed hairdresser?
Ermmmm guys. Nadine is clearly a beauty geek and not a hair geek.
No chemical advice should be given
@Harry Stiles can you confirm are you a pop star or a hairdresser?
Hairdresser...facebook name

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