Colouring between foils


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Apr 2, 2012
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Ok this might sound stupid but I HATE doing this as I always seem to miss a tiny bit no matter how many times I check it, any advice ?
Just work from the bottom up, very methodically.
Make sure your sectioning for the foils is very neat too, as this will help you.
Also use a bit more tint than you would normally, and really work it into the edge of the foils.
Thanks, maybe I'm not being neat enough with my foils
be sure that yours sections are not too thick and as said before work neatly
Also ensure the client keeps their head still and upright during the foiling so that the remaining hair doesn't flop around. Keeps it easier to handle
I always start the all over colour from the bottom/back and work my way up to the crown then the sides and then into the top area of the head,however the neater the sections and foils the easier it is to get coverage.My boss goes crazy sometimes but i do use a little more tint when im doing all over foils and colour.
We have a lot of clients who like the multi tonal look but with all roots covered .x

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