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Jan 3, 2011
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cambridge UK
As above really, this is the second time i've been dissapointed in the results.
Both times the colours have looked like theyve come out nicely, but wash and dry and it looks as though they were never applied. I left them on for long enough, followed the right instructions etc.
Today was at college on my classmate, trying to do an ombre effect so I bleached the ends up and applied 6/0 on the roots and midlengths then 8/0 on the ends as there was fair bit of warmth. We rinsed it off and it looked nearly the same as before, the colour hadnt even taken on her natural roots.
The same thing happened to my cousin before, so to fix it I used affinage and the colour came out exactly as I wanted- blending the contrast between bleach and virgin hair and giving an overall even effect.
Anyone know why this is? I wouldnt be bothered as Im swtiching to affinage soon but I dont like doing someones hair and them not being completely happy with it :/
Hmm what develpoer did you mix it with? the colour touch peroxide? xx
Did it develop for long enough? you can apply it on dry hair for more intensity.
Using 4% would also give it more intensity, but then its not really a quasi... maybe ring wella helpline there really good x
applying a flat base 8/0 on prelightened hair is gunna dull it down whatever.

try using richer tones next time like 6/7 on root then use 7/7 on midlengths after 10 minutes emulsify the 7/7 just slightly where it stops before the blonde leave for 5 rinse then tone ends with a warm 9 or 8 (visual development) :) all with 1.9%

i never have any problems with colourtouch i dont understand why you're having any trouble getting vibrancy of your colour

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