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Jan 10, 2006
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Lucky i have a little time to practise some more all comments welcomed xx


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sorry pics arnt great wanted to take them out side then it started to tip it down :cry:
Hi hun they are lovely i really do need to practise if i'm gonna compete next to you!!!!

The only thing that sticks out to me is that they flar out alittle on the tips xxxx
...sorry, i'm not a profesional. but the thing i not really like in these nails, is that they look a bit too wide to me, a bit fan alike, but i can be wrong or maybe it is just a photo... but i like them in general!!! Good work!

& Good luck!!
Well done, these are looking great. If I was to give any constructive critism, then I would mention the side walls are a little wide and thick edged plus picture 1 (with orange) shows quite a few imperfections on the surface which would be marked down in comps I think. Your C curves are beautiful and the apex placement looks excellent from my eyes.

I am no expert .. so I hope you don't mind my comments. I think your practice set are really gorgeous and with a little tweak here and there would make them perfect :)
Totally agree about fanning.....make sure your tips are right thinned out and in shape before applying product.....and find a model with longer beds.....I know it makes such a difference.....especially as we are now in div 3 and length plays a part....length doesn't work unless you have the right beds...hth....not thatI'm an expert lol!

Also, thumb looks very hooky.
thanks for all your lovely replys i will work on all of these and post another set soon xxxx
don't know if this will help but i always go a size smaller in the tip at comps i'll show you wednesday hun xx
lovely work.i thoght they looked really nice.good luck to you and kirsty fof the comps.:)
don't know if this will help but i always go a size smaller in the tip at comps i'll show you wednesday hun xx

i hate tipping never come very natural to me but i have the bit between my teeth and i want to get it sorted

see you wednesday xx
I am no expert Tricky but I do love your work. I agree with what has already been said about the fanning at the free edges. Only I other thing I would add is the the smile lines could be crisper (especially noticed in first photo)although they are nice and deep which I love.

Well done. xx

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