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pug queen

Sep 9, 2015
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Been self employed for 4 years now. Built up my clientele from none. Work in a small village. I am the only beautician in my building and they are all hairdressers downstairs... Apprentice hairdresser started, and long and short of it is got me to teach her bits and bobs. Now she is taking over, doing all the girls nails (hairdressers) nails I already do. Does it downstairs in front of my clients, ( doesn't look good ) makes me look like anyone can do what I do. She is not qualified, the boss has offered this girl to do Infills on my clients while I am away ( which I told her I am not happy with and do not want to happen) ... I understand competition is healthy and good, but it's very hard when it's coming from someone in the same building as you. Also just seen another picture of her doing someone's nails I have previously done in salon, she is not a recurring clients but has been in a few times. But just hurts how fickle people can be when someone is offering £10 acrylics etc.

Although part of me Keeps saying stop getting so wound up. But i work 6 days a week to try to build this up, I am doing really well for myself now, I have tried so hard, and I am just seeing business vanishing before me. Someone just tell me it's going to be okay.
Loyal clients will stick with you, and those who leave for a cheap job will usually come back because the quality you provide will out weigh the cheap (price and look) that the other person is providing. Is she actually officially trained? Remember you are trained, qualified, experienced and insured, :) have faith in yourself, :)
No She is not qualified or trained. But she is talking about going and doing a nail course, and I just feel like that is when the trouble will start. Your message is so lovley thank you, it's really made me feel better x
Just have faith in yourself! :)
I know exactly how you feel and I always worry about competition when someone pops up doing nails for a tenner or makeup for £20. I know I am qualified, experienced, insured and using great products though. So as much as I panic I have to stay strong and believe in me! :)
I'm sure you will be fine. Don't let it get to you.....and don't give her anymore tips/tricks! Lol,x
If you're self employed then the boss cannot offer this girl your clients while you're away. They are not the bosses clients to offer to anyone, they're yours.

I would start to look for somewhere else to work from.
If you're self employed then the boss cannot offer this girl your clients while you're away. They are not the bosses clients to offer to anyone, they're yours.

I would start to look for somewhere else to work from.

I was thinking the same thing. This is disgraceful and unprofessional behaviour! You are self employed and they are actually harming your business in house. I would have a word with the boss/owner, keep emotions out of it but explain the situation fully. If you started doing blow drys they'd be furious surely? it is disgraceful to solicit business from a colleague and for the boss to encourage it is appalling. You have a thriving business and although I doubt it will effect you much, it is a breach of professional curtesy that this has been allowed to happen in the first place, let alone encouraged! Good luck xx
I know this is an old thread but how disgraceful! I would be very direct plain and simple and tell the girl how i feel. I would tell the boss of the salon too(regardless of if she is your boss directly or not and also point out to her that as this girl is not qualified it may have a negative impact on her business as well as our own. I would be very professional about it but i would also be imensly firm and un yeilding in this regard...this is your livelyhood and your business baby that you took the time to grow and you should defend it with all your might. Ultimately like others have said the novelty will soon wear off when they see the poor work standard and hopefully they come back. I for one wouldn't take this lying down...absolutely no way! I would make it quite clear to all parties where they stand and if things didn't change i would move location and take my clients with me! As i say i know this is an old thread but if anyone else ever has this strong and defend your hard work. Be professional but be firm. I hope you got this sorted! x

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