Completing a set of acrylics then finishing with Gellux


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Oct 20, 2013
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So ladies I'm joining the beauty industry once again. I had a
Small gap whilst fostering, now
Im pregnant again so trying to get back into nails as an extra earner.
But my question is.

Am I completing a usual set of nail extensions covered in a layer of acrylic then finishing with gellux? Am I using the bonder as usual before the gellux application?
Is there anything I need to change on my acrylic set?? HELPPPP! -_-

Just buff over the top of the acrylics and go straight to the colour coats. No need for fast bond or base coat. Hth

Sarah xx
I dont use base coat on my gel polish over extensions, but i always use fast bond/powerbond (i use ibd) wether natural or extensions. For ibd, the powerbond is really for people who are prone to lifting (not sure about gellux) but i put it on everyone anyway hth xx
You can use primer and base coats or skip ...either way

Great as no drying time but on the downside the gel can peel at the tip end :(


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