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Jul 17, 2007
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hi can any one pls advise ive used turbines t100 for a number of years (origainly trainned with tantrick) i then decieded to upgrade to a compressor as i was going mobile,so stupid me i bought a tc 2000 through tan (few of my mates from collage did the same) this system is advertised with spray gun but when it arraived it was obvisouly an air gun ,when i rang MIST AIR they were nearly £300.00 cheaper if id bought direct,i paid £540.00 to say the least im pissed off sorry guys,but to be lied to on top of it well im lost for words,tan insist its a spray gun (even though they insist i have to spray in circular motions)while mistair insist it is an advanced air gun im totally p****d what would you do does any body know what our rights are could we return it becouse it clearly is not what is advertisied or have you got guns that you have to use in the same way as an airbrush.
Hi Sadie

From my experience of the TC2000 compressor, it was always used with an airbrush which is very much like a silver pen with a bottle attached.

To use it with a spray gun or air gun meant that this little system couldn't cope with the amount of air that needed to be delivered with the spray, this is why Su-do developed the "Blitz" which whilst it looked impressive, it was actually a TC2000 and TC5000 bolted together under a metal cover, this combined pressure was able to feed the airgun which was described as a HVLP gun!

Do you have a picture of the spray / air gun that you have with your kit?

The downside to compressors is that they do create more overspray than a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) unit.

Saying that, I have been sent a Iawata compressor and airbrush to evaluate from Wow Products and whilst I thought my time with an airbrush had long gone and I was very skeptical about using it I was pleasantly surprised with this little unit!

I tried it on myself and found it was so much easier to "self spray" (which is something I have not mastered until now!), even my back was covered evenly and whilst I had to do it in a tent in the kitchen the overspray was more granted but as long as I only did one person and not parties of people, I would happily take this mobile especially as it is SO light and tiny!!

It has a small price tag attached to it too! For less than £300 for the compressor, airbrush, 1 litre of solution, client record cards and info cards plus a £25 voucher it is a great start up package for those wanting to try spray tanning on a budget!

Hope you get things sorted with spray tan Supermarket..

is the tc2000 compressor used for nails as i was thinking about buying one? or is it ment for tanning? please help:confused:
A TC2000 is a good option for nail art, as is any small compressor unit, the main part to look at is a top feed airbrush and a pressure regulator as you need to have a higher pressure for nail art than tanning. You can use the same machine for both but will need to have a different airbrush with a thicker needle for this purpose.

thank you so much mandy for the info.:)

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