Concerned about Acrylic Nails with a Form?


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Oct 16, 2010
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I interviewed a mobile/home nail tech the other day and she uses forms to do acrylics.She said she used a new way of doing infills/backfills etc. She baffled me a bit tbh as I only know about gel & tips, as a long time ago I did gel myself. Is this common practice for acrylics? She said she also uses a mask and a that usual? I am taking a model to her to see her work next week.

I am concerned about the use of a drill and also the mask. I am either renting space in my salon when we open or charging a % but I know if the tech is no good,my salons repuation will be affected. Any advice please wise ladies?
If she is trained to use the electric file and experienced it is perfectly safe.
Many well respected techs use one everyday.

She may use the mask because she is sensitive to dust, again not necessarily a problem.

Using forms rather than tips is also perfectly acceptable and if she knows what she's doing it won't stop her making great nails.

Judge her by the results of her trade test and ask the model if the service was comfortable. See how the nails last too.
Thank you AF. I will follow that advice, I just wondered if it might put clients off seeing the mask. I feel better knowing that drill use is normal practice.

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