confessional from a ranter!!! lol


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Sassy Hassy

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Jun 30, 2004
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You may remember a few week's ago I was whining cos I'd had such a bad day, with FIVE people cancelling last minute on one day. One of these was a regular client who was booked in for infills, a facial and a pedicure. She sent me a text an hour before her appointment to say she wouldn't be able to make it as her flight back from the States had been delayed. I was really cross, but duly rebooked her for the following week. She failed to show at all for this one, so I was well miffed and wrote her off as a lost customer! A week later I got a letter from her to say she was very sorry but had been rushed into hospital, very ill and was still there. Was feeling very guilty now, and such a sense of shame that I had thought so badly about her. Got a text another week later to rebook, so did. Got another text to say, still in hospital> Started to worry at this point as they don't keep you in for 2 weeks unless you are really ill. Anyway, today she phoned me, to say she was out at last (after 3 weeks) - turns out she had a deep vein thrombosis and was really very ill (and she had used those horrible sock things, but still got it). Oh man - I feel so bad and need to say ten hail Mary's for thinking so badly about someone and want to confess to you all that I will not think bad thoughts again ( I will try - really really!) - particularly about such a lovely regular customer. Janet I am truly sorry that I could think so badly of you! That's it - feel better now!!! lol
Ahhhhhhhhh sweet don't feel guilty we've all been there I think everybody gets peed off with clients cancelling and after that amount of cancelled appiontments and no shows i don't blame ya!

At least shes okay now and you can continue to give her beautiful nails!
Ahhhh don't worry. Blame all the other cancellations and no shows, cause its these that give you the bad thoughts in the first place!
Pick your chin up darling!! You had a normal reaction to the situation. The sad thing is that our clients DON'T give us all the details about what's going on when they don't show up for their appointments. I had a similar experience, I have a client who's husband is a VEEERY FAMOUS R&B singer. Anyhow, she always came to her appointments with her "assistant", who would be carrying her phone, fur coat, expensive purse, etc,. This woman was very sweet, and I actually felt bad for her because her husband was in a serious scandal that is known worldwide. What started to happen was she would book appointments, and not show up, or keep resheduling, but eventually not show this went on for about 2 months!). This made me extremely angry because I felt she was wasting my time. I told the front desk not to book her appointments anymore....but somehow she ended up back on my schedule!! When she finally did show up she profusely apologized and explained that she never knew where she'd be at any given time because she traveled/performed with her husband, and that they were currently in the midst of a tour! She truly thought that she would make her appointments, but something always changed with HER schedule. Thank God we have a excellent Cancellation/No Show fee, I did get 50% for all of te times she missed, and she even gave me $220 as a tip, for putting up with her crap. I still see her to this day, and she has given our spa permission to charge her 100% when she doesn't show up. Talk about having money to burn!!
oOMG - I feel lucky when I get a fiver for a tip!

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