Confused about expenses and training


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Mar 27, 2011
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south east
I am aware that training can be claimed back as an expense in some situations but not all. From what I understand if it is training for a new skill then you can't claim but if it's for expanding on a skill you already have then it's ok. If I am wrong then please tell me because I'm not 100%. anyway my reason for asking is because I am lookingat doing the CND complete course and some of the things I already have training in but others I don't so how would I approach this when claiming back my expenses. Obviously the kit is included in the price as well so this I would need to claim back and some of the kit is business expenditure but the lamp would be capital expenditure etc.
Sorry for lack of paragraphs, I'm on my phone :)
As far as I am aware, you put all training and equipment costs against tax ....
Please put me right if that is wrong, anyone else ??!!

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