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Jan 5, 2004
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Yorkshire Dales

Hi from a newbie

Can anyone help me to decide which course I should be doing ?
I am very artistic and presently work as a pyrographic artist (drawing/writing on wood with fire) and I want to take a technician's course and eventually go mobile and/or rent a room. I would also like to specialize in the nail art side of things if anyone can suggest any nail art courses too.

So, these are my choices....................

Creative nails - industry recognized qualification
Star nails - industry recognised qualification
LCN training
1 day per wk, 15 week manicure college course followed by artificial nail course 1 day per week for 18 weeks IHBC qualification

Please reply, I would be really grateful for your suggestions/comments especially if I have overlooked any other courses available

Thank you

Hi there.
My opintion having personally completed Star Nails (United Beauty) for Nail Extensions I would recommend you go with Creative considering all the loyal Creative Technicians on this site who rave about its results and all the extensive product range, but having said that I would look into booking Star Nails for their Nail Artistry course its V good.

All the best in your new career choice.
no one else comes close if you look through all the back posts you will see so many of us have wasted time/money/experience on other courses and we all wish we had found creative sooner...
don't waste your TIME or your Money go Creative. i really looked into training as im older and don't want to waste my time. some of the other companies charge more than creative and don't come anywhere near as close for training. they are very proffesional but also very approachable. you will never look back honestly they are the best in my eyes. best of luck
hey just noticed your in yorkshire does that mean you will go to Leeds??? even better thats where i go and i can really recomend them personally
Just awaiting the Creative info pack arriving in order to book the date!!

and yup - Glenda - I will be off to Leeds, are you local too?

I moved last year from West Yorkshire to the North Yorkshire Dales, I have presumed that Leeds in my nearest place.

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