Contact Dermatits - can enhancements be performed???


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Jul 15, 2004
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Hi All ,

Bit of help required please -I did a set of nails the other night and they were ok but her friend wanted me to do a set on her- she has contact dermatitis on her nails and there was a lot of pitting etc - I dont think I would feel comfortable doing that .....does anyone have any advice -I dont wanna cause more harm!?!?


Contact dermatitus is a skin condition. I have never seen nails pitted from contact dermatitus but I have seen pitted nails as typical of psoriasis!!

If the skin surrounding the nail is not open or weeping, and the nails do not have onycholysis as well, then you can enhance them. Of course you will not be putting products on the skin, so there should not be a problem.
Are there any dilemmas in doing nails for people with dermatitis?
People who suffer from contact dermatitus are allergic to a chemical that is in something they are using. It could be washing up liquid or shampoo or other. The fact that they have problems with one chemical does not mean they will have problems with any of the chemicals contained in nail systems.

As long as there is no open tissue surrounding the nail plate, thereis no reason why you should not put nail enhancement on the person. Contact dermatitus means contact!! Make sure there is no skin contact between the client and the systems you use.

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