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Mar 3, 2004
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Could someone tell me if you would you expect to see the results of contamination immediately(i am thinking particularly about old monomer being discharged through a brush which may not have been cleaned properly after previous usage) upon the new enhancement or would you expect a yellow tinge to develop over a period of time as the product fully cures say 24 to 48 hours?

I am having a serious problem with a new product i am using and i would like to explore as many different possibilities as to the cause of the problem.

I have contacted the supplier of the product and gone into detailed discussions about my procedure with their technical support team but would like some impartial feedback. I have established that as an experienced tech I am doing everything by the book, even using a brand new brush on clients to eliminate any possibility of contamination from my older brush.
If you are using pink and white, then usually on the white zone 1 you will be able to see immediately a slightly yellow tinge usualy in the middle where you pressed the bead. This can go darker over time as well.

If using one colour over the whole enhancement, this can over time look a bit 'peachy' rather than pink and is not so easy to see immediately on application.

If you are using a new brush, I cannot see the source of your problem being brush contamination.

Some products are prone to yellowing as they do not contain UV inhibitors. Maybe it is just the product itself. If you are experienced as you say, and are doing everything by the book, this might be your problem.
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