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Jan 12, 2012
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I trained in l&p three years ago due to family reason I gave up 18monthe ago things have now changed and I'd like to get back to it.

I'm looking at switching to CND and have been looking at their courses one of the problems I had previously was lifting and tip application would this be covered in a conversion course or would I be better doing the beginners course

Any advise appreciated x
Who did you do your original training with?

CND is fabulous training, if you only had issues with those two things then a conversion should help. (lifting will be covered as it will be a new PREP procedure which if done correctly will eliminate most lifting issues).

Tip application is a bit more of a foundation basic, if you struggle with that bit, I would worry that your original training was leaving a little to be desired and it might be worth starting from scratch with the beginners which will at very least clear up tip placement and blending, along with anything else you've become aware of that may have been missing initially.

Good training is never a bad idea. How about contacting S2 and investigating a 1-2-1 instead, this will then cover exactly what you require i.e. conversion, tipping and lifting prevention. That would of course be subject to S2 agreeing your original training is sufficient for their criteria to purchase their L&P products

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