corn rows


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Jun 27, 2007
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sorry if thats not the right name ... lol
i was wondering if anyone knows of a tutorial on how to do them vertically ( as in right across the back of the head) step by step
Hair Geek is still pretty new the tutorials may take a bit to get going but have you checked im not sure. With a corn row style braid the biggest thing is just your partings keep them spaced enough to go all the way back. Remember the back of your head is a bigger surface than the font and sides. Its just a on the scalp braid. Keep your parts clean you can have nice braids and horibble partings and that will make your style look unkept. Just the same vise versa you can have so so braiding but have clean crisp parts and your over all style will look nice.
Find a kid at school with fab kane rows and get the mum to teach you how to do them..I try so hard even to do a french plait
remember to keep the braid sections under all the time and use synthetic hair in the braid to stop the hair weakening as the tight braid can put stress on the hair. hth:hug:

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