Covering grey with Wella


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Wella double base should not be mixed with anything else as this will take away the coverage. Tis an easy mistake to make as I used to do just that and wondered why it wasn't working as well as it should.
Development time for wella is 45 mins so sounds like you just need to leave it on longer or just add a quarter base (6/0) with your 6/3.
Good luck and happy colouring xx
read that too somewhere but also that 66/0 alone fades quick and is what’s the solution? Is 6/0 strong enough to cover 100%grey?
Hi I don't mean to be rude but there's things I feel I should point out within your post

QUOTE=snaz;1582768]Just been a on wella course and you do not need to add base in with the colour for better coverage, All of there shades cover 100%.

If this was the case then the op wouldn't have asked the question, as the 6/3 she used didn't cover her clients grey 100%

Leave the colour on upto 1 hr and see if that makes a difference,

Wella colours STOP working after 45mins so not sure leaving it on for a hour would make any difference

and make sure that you are mixing it correctly ie measuring it, and use plenty of colour, I.e 3/4 of a tube or more.

I agree with mixing and measuring correctly but it depends on whether she was colouring regrowth roots or full head as to what amount she would use 30ml (half a tube) is sufficient for a regrowth application

Now if she as resistant grey use the double base 66/0 which cannot be mixed with other shades, but u can mix this with special mix so you can mix this with /33 generally you would mix 5cm with base 6, but has I've not tried it not sure how warm this would be. But take into account clients under tones , which will be orange so a 66/0 will be warm has the client natural undertone will be revealed and if she wants more warmth gold has said above add special mix.

The advice I have given is based on my use an knowledge of wella.
I was just told by a hairdresser they’ve changed the rules to 50-60mins,

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