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Jun 14, 2003
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Was just wondering about how you become a Creative Ambassador.

I know they all do fantastic nails and are great teachers but -

What qualifications do they need etc?
Do they have to be in nails a certain amount of time or maybe competition winners?
Do they apply for the position or do they get invited by Designer Nails?

Any other interesting information would be appreciated!!

Just thought Id be nosy really!!

Love hearing about it all!
mmmm id like to be nosy on that 1 too...
i know who'd make a great ambassador: Ruth!!!

Well here are some of the criteria that we look for:

Must have been a working nail technician for at least 5 years.

Must be a Creative Master Technician

Must hold the NVQ

It helps if you hold the D32 and D33 also

There must be a need in your area for a Creative Ambassador

Must write initially with your CV to Samuel Sweet

Must fill in a questionnaire

Must interview

Must attend a pre-qualification day and be able to strut your stuff in front of your peers.

Must pass a practical and written assessment

After ALL that, you must pass a 6 day training that we lovingly call Boot Camp, but is actually called the Creative Institute.

Then you ' shadow teach' with another ambassador until judged to be able to go it alone.

So its no surprise that all our ambassadors are so DAMN GOOD is it.

Then of course there are 2 regional trainings that must be attended every year to keep everyone updated and at the sharp end of things. Shows to work .... Special events ... It is quite a commitment and at the end of the day, the salon (if the ambassador has one) begins to take 2nd place .... our ambassadors are BUSY people, and we expect that level of commitment from them when they are chosen to represent Creative Nail Design and they are happy and proud to give it.
Gordon Bennett, all that one has to get through to be an ambassador, ok ok I don't want to be one...... but i do want my very own, where can i buy one of these fantastic peeps from?

I am sooooo impressed that i am now definitely decided that i am going to save up and get on one of these fab courses my nearest would be salisbury, hm bit of a trek but that lot above just convinced me that it has to be worth while visiting and getting the knowledge from one of these gods, masters, ambassadors, superior geeks, but then I fear i could just sit all day in total ore :D

Wow it is impressive, every day this site just gives out more to impress

Grace x
just had to add a shortie(don't faint, i can do brief aswell as essay length!)
as somebody who realised lots of dreams all within a short space of time, becoming a creative ambasador was the icing on the cake 8)
anything worth having is worth waiting & working for, & boy did i do both!!
i'm a patient ( ok stubborn) soul, & determined.
even thou nail skills r obviously important, what shocked me was the depth of knowledge needed, & the reassessing of my whole persona.
my image had to change.
when i went on boot camp, i had 5 days notice, & the thing that freaked me out most was that i didn't possess ANY smart/casual clothes :shock:
my sister offered to lend me her "office" wardrobe, but as she's 5 inches shorter than me, that didnt help much :shock:
so, a trip to the shops had to happen, but i didnt have much time & to b honest i didnt know where to start!
mrs geek used to call me "cargo pants girl"!
on the day of qualification, g.m.geek sat me down & gave it to me straight. :shock:
even thou i couldn't wear my cargo pants, i could still let my personality show through.
he used tom bachick as an eg. 8)
people say that boot camp is a life changing experience.
it was 4 me, in lots of ways, all positive.
well, ok , so i can't do short posts :oops:
never mind lol!
liza xx
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