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I would ring the education department or the ambassador at the Creative academy you are going to attend to find out the arrangements for waiting models ... they are bound to have come across this many times before.

As to buying 'More Than White' liquid acrylic, you do not need a Creative certificate to buy 'More Than White' liquid acrylic. I am pleased you have booked on the course to make yourself official, but the MTW you can buy without. Cheers.


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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone
i have just enrolled on a creative conversion course .it is to be on the 28/10/03 .i have been a nail tech for seven years but last year i purchased a creative retention kit from one of the shows and found the results incredible compared to the systems i had tried previously .i have been getting by ,by getting my products at all the main shows and buying in bulk ...i spent over £400.00 on creative products at G-MEX :shock: .I also bought a fabric starter kit from gmex and i am very impressed with that too :D .i have recently read on this forum that you can now get a white paint on product for permanent french to use with fabric wasn't in the kit and no one told me about it on the creative stand so to be able to purchase it i have taken the bull by the horns (so to speak :D )and finally booked on the course .
i would appreciate any feedback from anyone that has completed a conversion be honest allthough i have worked with creative products for sometime now i am still very nervous ...silly isn't it :oops:
also i have to take a model with me and allthough i have to be there by 10am my model won't be needed until 1 pm .is there a place for the models to stay until then as my sister (patient guinea pig as she is :flower: ) will not be to pleased if she has to wait outside in the cold .

thanks in advance for any input
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