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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
i have been training with essential nails home learn in gels however i have come to the conclusion that i would prefer to qualify in brisa gel i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if you need to have completed a manicure course 1st before enrolling with cnd brisa gels course? i called this morning to ask about their courses and have found one for march in leeds but forgot to ask them this! hope someone can help xxxx
You don't need manicure/pedicure before a Creative foundation course, but yes you need both and a professional system qualification or NVQ/VTCT, and to have held it for sometime before you can do a Creative Conversion, I believe.

I suggest you get back onto HO and have a chat about what this particular course is in March and ask the entry qualifications. It would be a shame to pitch up for the course and not have the relevant background to be able to embark on it..
thank you i rang them back and yes the course in march is a conversion! ive been adviced to do the l&p foundation course instead which means putting it on hold for a while because its a 5 day couse and more expensive!!! xxx

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