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jessica brooks

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Sep 9, 2005
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Hi everyone!
Im after some advice - the story is a bit long winded so i will try and keep it short!

Over a month ago now i ordered some products from the OSNS in essex, i alway used to order from Salisbury without any problems, but obviously in light of the recent situation this no longer became possible.
After placing my order, i was told that there would be a delay of 7-10 days, which was completely understandable and not a problem as i wasnt desperate for the stock.
Approx 14 days after placing my order i had still not received anything, so called to chase my order, i was told for 3 consecutive days that someone would call me back to let me know the status of my order - this never happened - after calling again on the 4th day i was told there was no record of my order and nothing had ever been charged to my account. This annoyed me slightly, but i was prepared to just ignore the situation.
When i received my bank statement, it was clear that the amount had been debited from my account by the OSNS in essex, the total amount is around £67.00 ( quite abit of money in my opinion! )
So i again called essex and was told to scan and email across a copy of my statement, this was nearly two weeks ago now, and still the amount has not been creditted.
Everytime i call i get told that the guy is very busy and will look at my query when he has chance, in my opinion my query is urgent and should go to the top of the stack - i have had money taken from my account but no goods have ever been received! I have contacted this guy virtually every day for the past two weeks, via email and phone and still there is no sign of the money.

I feel really frustrated with the whole situation, i appriciate there has been recent financial problems, but im about to get myself into financial problems because i need the £67.00 to buy more stock!! I have proved that the money has been taken, and they have admitted they have no record of the order, i certainly dont have the goods.
I have told him that unless this is resolved by midday tomorrow im going to have to get trading standards involved. His whole attitude to the situation is pretty non-concerned and not what i would usually expect!
Does anyone think im being unreasonable here?!! Just wondering how people would react if they were in this situation?!
Not sure if this is of any help but Essex are not an official CND outlet anymore.

Here is a post made by Mrs Geek - it may be worth while discussing this with her privately. (Sorry Samantha xx)

Anyone buyer/student based in the Essex area has choices; they can go to London, Milton Keynes or West Sussex or even Maidenhead. The London number for Ketan is 020 8903 5878 and either he or Angelica can help.

As I said in my pervious post; if it's not on the list they are not representing the CND line. It is important to understand that throughout what has been the demise of Hyperion, has enabled many to 'jump on the band wagon' and say they were nothing to do with Hyperion etc; note that many have different names due to having gone through the admin/liquidation process but ALL want to use the word CREATIVE in their new company name to make them LOOK like they still represent the brand... otherwise why do it?

Mr Battams keeps coming onto the site and exclaiming that Essex is fine and all is well. I will re-iterate that CND are not supporting this, therefore S2 will not support it either. If anyone doing classes in Essex has been MISLED to believe that Essex is part of CND here then thay have been MISLED and what they decide to do will be up to them. I have tried very hard not mislead anyone. I hope this helps and please PM me as I really don't want to discuss Essex anymore. Many Thanks
thanks fiona - that probably explains why i have received such shocking customer service from the very person named in samantha's thread!
As i said, i did think it odd having always had such brilliant service in the past! Thanks for this! :)
omigod dont even get me started on Essex ....
they still have my £200.00 deposit for training that they cannot even offer !!
Not that its much consolation, but I'm having the same trouble with Essex hun,
sorry you're having problems too,
Makes my moaning about £67 seem a bit pathetic now!!
I posted this recently in another thread and I am heartily sorry that you did not see it before your problems. I can't help you with Essex. They have been distributing illegally for some time and now their illegal source of supply has been cut off and it looks like you got caught in the middle ... I'm so sorry. Rather than telling their CND customers they were no longer distributors for CND they decided to go on distributing by buying illegal goods and shipping them to the UK (other former distributors beware)!! In fact other CND customers of former distributors beware.

Those who call themselves the Essex CNAcademy are not a Creative Nail Academy nor are they recognised distributors of CND products in the UK and they haven't been for some time.

Contact [email protected] (sweet squared is the name of the CND appointed UK distributor) or ring 0845 210 60 60
I am really sorry to hear about the peeps who have had probs with Essex.

Reading this, I am lucky as I very nearly placed an order with essex a while ago, not realising that this was going on!

I actually remember thinking that the guy was very off and quite abrupt and rude so I then ordered from London as I wasn't very confident in his attitude!

Sounds like I had a lucky escape :eek:

Hope you all get your problems sorted out very soon.

if you paid by c/c then it might be worth asking your card company to look into this for you...they may be able to offer some help in getting your money back.

even to send a solicitors letter would amount to more than the debt....i get very annoyed at companies that treat your hard earned cash with such disrespect.
i get very annoyed at companies that treat your hard earned cash with such disrespect.

As long as you blame the right PERSON and not CND.

It is these people that can give a respected business a tarnished rep when it is the people that are doing this to you and not who the brand they formerly represented. It is because they are like they are that they are no longer representatives.
Unfortunatly it was a debit card : ( !!
But i have just checked my email and i have been told that the credit was dealt with on friday, so i will give it a few days and see if it reappears in my account - not 100% convinced thou!!

Im off to give a real creative distributor a call and go back to the brilliant customer service i had always experienced !! :)

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