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Feb 14, 2004
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Shropshire, UK
Okay, I took the plunge and booked myself onto the Creative Foundation course in September held at Craven Arms in Shropshire. I've paid my deposit and got my confirmation letter today. I also received a list of items that may compliment the kit that is included on the for those of you that have been on this course, which items would you recommend that I purchase as extras? Bearing in mind that I'm not doing this to become a technician to make a career from it - just for myself and because I wanted to do something enjoyable for myself.

So any ideas which items of kit would be useful for me to purchase along the course?

Hi Angela,

When I did my Foundation Course I had the same list. There are certain things that you need for the course ie Tip Cutter, Cuticle Pusher etc. Most of the items you need are contained in the kit although some are in trial size so you can see which works best for you. I played it by ear and tried each of the bits before deciding which to buy when i went back for my rebalence.

Hope this helps and good luck!!


Thanks Taz...I shall do just that...<smile>. Thanks for that...x


i bought one of the student wallets whilst i was there the tools are top quality and all you need extra are some tip cutters, i would recommend the cuticle remover to. The morning part of my course was theory and a dem, so when you break for lunch you can pop into the osns and buy what you think you will need..
hello angela,
i did`nt get anything before my course, i already had tools etc, when i got there i bought more mainly for practising at home.
i would get a cool blue as it is very tiny,( but still goes a long way,) stickey and super shiney, cuticle remover, you do get a tube in the kit but this one is brilliant its big and only £3.95, clori-spray again thats £3.95 for cleaning tools etc, more tips, velocity and formation i bought the 100 packs, curved scissors, pushie for cuticle work, tip cutters, duster brush, paper roll, gauze pads when using scrubfresh, paper and a pen.
you will complete 2 cards for your homework, pink overlay and then painted, (the laquer is in the kit) and then p&w.
you do get some files but again i bought more lol and the girlfriend buffer is great for a high shine.

then i went nuts and bought loads lol the products are lovely! :lol:
Awww thank you. I can buy a little each month I think as I'm booked on the September course. I already have tip cutters, so that's a bit of a saving. I'm really excited about this. It's a pity I couldn't afford to do it now because I so want to do it...but I needed until September to pay the balance...finding the initial £205 was a shock.....

Thanks for your help and advice - and Dawn I will be in touch soon to let you loose on my nails....<smile>

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