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May 12, 2003
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Toronto ON Canada
The thread below has a reference to Creative 'gels' - is this something new? On this side of the pond we don't have Creative gels...just acrylic (or L&P as you guys like to call it). I was talking to my Creative educational rep a month ago and she mentioned that they are coming out with something big, maybe this is it? I would love to work with a Creative gel, and also an odourless product from them as well.

Just wanted to know whether I am seeing things, or if they really do have a gel product line available somewhere in the world.
Creative do not do a gel system.

I think the writer was refering to Faze which is a one component gel sold by DesignerNAILS who is also the distributor for Creative in the UK.
Faze gel is a 'cool' gel which has beautiuful clarity and doesn't burn - very nice gel.

People often associate everything they sell with Creative because they are so well known. Ive even heard 'Fabric' refered to as the Creative Wrap system just because it is sold by Designer Nails.
Thanks Geeg, for clearing that up. Guess I'll just have to keep waiting for that next 'big thing' they are working on.
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