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Apr 5, 2012
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Hey guys I'm new to this site. Basically I've been doing friends, family and my own acrylic nailnails for the last 2 years as a hobby. Now my youngest will be going to nursery in a yr and would love to do nails as a career. I NEARLY wasted money doing the home learning courses out there but after discovering this site ans reading all the forums, I came to realise if I really want to do this I would have to pay more and do a cms course. I'm happy to pay the money as I see it as a investment. The reason im asking for your advice is u ideally would like to rent a chair or a room in a salon and need to choose a course that will teach me everything to get started. I've borrowed it down to two, either the CND complete or the CND naturally and liquid and powder. The only differance I can see is the complete course teaches gels aswell. Which course would you advise me to do? I havent done gel before and I'm not sure 2 days would be enough. Do you do one or the other? Or do both? Thanks in advance for any advice given x x Faye x
Sorry I'm on my phone and the silly predictive text has altered some words. I'm hoping you can make sense of it x x
Hi Fayep,

Best advice I can give you is to give Sweet Squared a call on Tuesday and go through your queries with them. Their phone number is 0845 210 6060

Many Thanks and Good Luck!

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