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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Hi All,

Is there a minimum order for creative products ordered by phone?
Can't spend too much for the husband will hit the roof :shock:.

Sharon ;)
Sharon Green said:
Hi All, Is there a minimum order for creative products ordered by phone?
Can't spend too much for the husband will hit the roof :shock:.
Sharon ;)

No minimum order !!! Just call and order what you need!! ;)
any discount for big orders? lol......vicx
LOL No but the more you spend the more points you get lol
and points make ........................... discount lol

love Ruth xxxx
oh yeah i forgot about that.......thats as good as discount isnt it!!! woo hoo :D
:D What's that about points :? ?
this point system is not something we all get Ruth, it depends where you go and how much you spend
Hi ya all,
A while back we had a lengthy discussion about postage and points systems.

The Nail Geek wrote:
Each OSNS keeps track of each persons points.
You must be activated to receive points. Check with your OSNS that you are.
All of customers in Leeds are automatically set up to accumulate points whenever a new account is opened.
If you mail order from Leeds... you get points for the order... you can only use those points when you mail order from Leeds.

The points system is available to everybody, no matter how small your order or how large..................
You have to just remind them at times about this...........
Loughton do the system for sure.................

You just cant transfere the points from one OSNS to another..............
As The Nail Geek once said, they(Headoffice) make the rules and the others (OSNS) have to follow by them.................

But if you are not sure phone the leeds office and get it clarified.
If not maybe Sam or Samantha could put me right on this, if I got it wrong

Love Ruth xxxx
as usual, you are giving what we ALL assumed to be the correct advice...BUT (and I hate BUTS).. :rolleyes: some of the OSNS seem to be ignoring what was agreed last year; this WILL be rectified come November. ;) The deal is, for EVERY £ you spend you gain a point AND the person taking your order (no matter where you buy) SHOULD :shock: :rolleyes: remind you... ie "Did you know you have 1000 points?? would you like to turn those into cash and take it off your bill??" simple BUT it isn't because of the problems that have been uncovered by this board!!! HQ does do the point system - has done it for 4 years I think (maybe 3) ASK your OSNS and if there is a problem - CALL HQ and speak to Gillian Cawthray (Head of Sales)!! :shock: phew.... shattered now!! :rolleyes:
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